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Coolest underrated movie ever :3
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World Rings by scratch-the-hedgie World Rings by scratch-the-hedgie
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I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year! :D
:party: :santa: :iconcorgiplz: 


CoreyCorgi's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
Hi there great deviants! Do call me Corey :D, I live in the north east of England, I love drawing and DIGG corgi's! :heart: I really love animals of all sort, my faves are; Panthers (leapords whatever :|) red pandas, foxes, dingoes, thylacines, tigers, wolves, infact I could go on forever! :giggle: MY fave dog breeds are boder collie's and corgi's. :D YES I :heart: corgi's, GOT A PROBLEM?! yess :giggle: I didnt think so :salute:

I love comics and hopefully my drawing skills inprove so I can get better at my comics. Yes I know I havent uploaded any comics yet but friends and family said I should start taking comics seriously <------- U cant disagree with ur old folks at home right? :D

I love tv. (yess lol) I love comedy films and adventure. I hate hollywood shit. Dunno why, but I do know that its not my thing :| Comedy gold is CLASS! Me and my family are funny jokers and my best friend :D even my dog Jess WOAHH :O Im wanna those people who doesnt give a fuck and enjoys life whilst they still have it ;) :D Seriously I havent met anyone who cant take a joke and if your one of those people, then, WOW how do u enjoy life? XD ;)

OUCH!!! my hand hurts from typing this XDXD WTF :wtf: :D

Yeah I like reading and am, REPEAT am a gamer. XD more games than books oh well, my life is shattered XD :D DAFUQ… <-------yes I like watching dis. OKaay lul ok :D :D

You can also follow me on youTUBE… <---- yes I KNOW there is fuck all good uploaded but hey its a start! LMAO :D XD

I love making friends with people all round the world lol :P cuz im so friendly ;). I have visited 3 of my fave cities which r London (omg been there sp many times X_X) Paris, and New York (omg I wanna live there) :love: It would also be great to go to Tokyo one day. HEY DONT DISS XD :D

Everyone :love: my Jessie and im glad im not da only one XD she says thanx to u all for nice comments :) :D

Anyways My hand is fucking KILLING!! talk more later guys x
:iconrainbow-cplz: :iconrainbow-oplz: :iconrainbow-rplz: :iconrainbow-eplz: :iconrainbow-yplz:
:iconrainbow-cplz: :iconrainbow-oplz: :iconrainbow-rplz: :iconrainbow-gplz: :iconrainbow-iplz: STAMP: Dog Lover by zungzwang Australia Stamp by phantom I love Tigers by WishmasterAlchemist I love Cougars by WishmasterAlchemist .:: I HEART Wolves - Stamp ::. by KovoWolf Animal Abuse by WolvenRemorse Cynder Stamp by NovaBrush Corgi Love Stamp by cloudrat Sarcasm Stamp by tailfeather Music is my Sport Stamp by guitarcraze Colors Stamp by Fyi-Sus Border Collie Love Stamp by cloudrat Essence of Friendship Stamp by mylastel Online friends stamp by Suyy Sonic is Sega's Mascot DX by SonicMaster23 heart nature stamp by izka197 I love Rabbits by WishmasterAlchemist I love Dobermans by WishmasterAlchemist Thylacine Pawprint Stamp by WildSpiritWolf Thylacine Stamp by WildSpiritWolf Legend Spyro Stamp by RadSpyro Free Spyro Icon by OldSpyroClub Bambi stamp by AutumnDeer Disney by michelled85 Disney by SonARTic The Lion King 2 by princess-femi-stamps Mheetu Stamp by DJ88 Mheetu Stamp 2 by DJ88 Anybody Home? - Scar and Ed ''Be Prepared'' stamp by Nala15 I support gay rights by jlu650 I'm Famous Stamp by Khrinx I'm a dog lover by pjuk DeviantART stamp by Mel-Rosey 9-11 Stamp by Mirz123 Nuka Stamp 2 by RogueLottie Disney Stamp - TLK II 003 by hanakt Zira stamp by RogueLottie Disney TLK Nala Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Stamp - TLK II 004 by hanakt Lion King by Jenya88 Disney Simba Stamp by TwilightProwler Zira says.. by MachatiStamps Vitani Stamp by RogueLottie The Lion King 3 by princess-femi-stamps Disney Stamp - TLK II 001 by hanakt I love Nala by Mandspasm Disney Simba + Nala PLEASE Stamp by TwilightProwler Kopa Fan Stamp by Konyhyuga-sama Zira Stamp by DJ88 F2U: Rainbow Heart by sarcacake :thumb323447535: FREE ICON - Border Collie by Crazdude Cartoons Today Suck Stamp by The-Bloody-Fedora My Extinct Favorite.. by MachatiStamps Thylacine character Mookie by Esaki Chibi Thylacine by Silvixen British stamp by Bourbons3 Tea and Sympathy by fayefujiko well he did by rosiecoleman A summer day in London by Pajunen Corgi Icon by Piirustus FREE ICON - Pembroke Welsh Corgi by Crazdude Puppix: Corgi by ronnieraccoon Corgi Stamp by TahkiBK Corgi Love by Aatuin Gaze Into His Eyes by DeathGoddess1995 Kisshu vs Harry Hill by Animedalek1 Tart vs Harry Hill by Animedalek1 I love my brick by Japanfanzz Harry Hill Stamp by WLIIAmg Bottom stamp by magical-bra :thumb193323548: British Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Comic Relief Stamp by magical-bra English Accent Stamp by Melody-Chaos Cornwall by andanar :thumb189304868: England Stamp by l8 Ireland Stamp by l8 Northern Ireland Flag Stamp by l8 Keep Calm Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Now Panic Stamp by Kezzi-Rose :thumb126679708: Never Mind the Buzzcocks stamp by 5-3-10-4 Stephen Merchant Stamp by vanyeeah :thumb292539798: Ricky's Cat by ginacartoon Ricky Wrestle's Karl by ginacartoon Stamp  -  Union Jack by fmr0 Stamp  -  England by fmr0 Skrillex Stamp by MaleforFangirl 2D+3D Animation Support Stamp by Kegawa Great Prince Stamp by PirateHearts Smerch Stamp by carodacat Scotland Stamp by l8 Whack-A-Mole by Biorb Roadside Romeo Icon - Romeo by Krissi2197 I Can't Get Enough Of Stamps by ItsCrazyConnor Pretty Stamps by HappyStamp Black cat stamps by Shizuru117 Stamps Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Too Many Stamps Stamp by blackangelyume Me want stamps by Seraphim-Enraged Me want stamps by Seraphim-Enraged No Sleep Stamps Will Eat Me by bizarrostamps The Jump by MaggieBloome Lollerscope by MaggieBloome :thumb82363785: SEGA / Sonic Team Stamp by Super-Hedgehog 3DS Stamp by HybridAir Blaze the Cat by NoNamepje Support Blaze by YamiLover13 The Simpsons by phantom The Simpsons by Cavin South Park by phantom Stamp - South Park: Kenny by AmyJSmylie Stamp: I Love South Park by Luffy-Kun Family Guy - Butter Jelly Time by mukeni0 Family Guy - Dumpster Baby by mukeni0 Family Guy Fan Stamp by BeatFreak1970 Family Guy by phantom :thumb160784400: family guy stamp by GoPurifyYourself New York by Knight1313 9 11 is not AMUSING by ChikitaWolf Stamp: I love MUSIC by simplyrolemodel America Stamp by l8 Wales Stamp by phantom Japan Stamp by l8 Bus Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I Heart Purple by webgoddess Online Friends by DalieLove Im just a little crazy stamp by Pixel-Sam Never enough sleep by prosaix Ace Ventura Stamp by acww-freak08 I HATE Disney Channel :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire coca cola stamp by GoPurifyYourself Umbrella Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I Support British Comedy Stamp by Aura3107 HMV Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Dave Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Orange Stamp by TangyMallow I love orange stamp by violetsteel :thumb316920705: Einhorn Is A Man by uncopyrightedvinegar Ace Ventura by SuperFlash1980

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